Guest Artists

From sharing a favorite technique to delivering the inside scoop on industry trends, our guest artists will inspire, teach and guide you on your path to your dream career.

At The Temple we showcase a wide variety of regional, national and even international guests to inspire our future professionals and expand their concept of what they can do in the beauty industry!

“I love Paul Mitchell because the company doesn’t have any limitations. We can continue to grow and change and have freedom.”

Takashi Kitamura

Global Directory of Motion and Film for John Paul Mitchell Systems ®

Past Guest Artists

Takashi KitamuraStephanie KocielskiDonald ScottAudra TurnerGeno StamporaGiulio VeglioMary CuomoRobert CromeansAlee CaoRosie MatosDean BanowetzCharles MarcusLinda YodiceDebra DietrichTed GibsonColin CarusoMelissa Jaqua and Abe Barron