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Learn Advanced Esthetician Techniques to Start a New Career in Under a Year

600 Hour Program, 35 Hours A Week
Advanced Oncology Skin Care Techniques
Product Provided at No Additional Cost

Start a New Esthetician Career in the Beauty Industry with The TEMPLE Annapolis

Our 600 Hour Program offers 35 hours of classroom time each week, allowing you to complete the program in under a year and get started on a new career path as soon as possible.

We provide the products (Dr. Gross and Dermalogica’s Skin Care lines), not you. This way, you can learn advanced techniques while learning how to use these products on real clients as an esthetician right away!

In addition, we offer an exclusive opportunity for students who complete our course: UFC Airbrush System Training. You’ll learn how to apply make-up and airbrush systems for appearance recovery—a unique niche that can set you apart from other estheticians.

Start Dates

FEB 13, 2023

MAY 1, 2023

JUL 17, 2023

OCT 2, 2023

JAN 8, 2024

MAR 26, 2024

JUN 11, 2024

AUG 28, 2024

NOV 12, 2024

“My advice for anyone looking to get into the beauty industry is to enroll in a Temple school! (Anywhere else will just not do.)”

– Serena Russell

The TEMPLE Annapolis

THE TEMPLE schools are home to dedicated instructors and learning leaders who are passionate about your success. Our education goes far beyond the technical training you’ll need in order to enter the beauty industry. The beauty industry is a vast field—and it’s growing. With so much opportunity in cosmetology, barbering, nail design and aesthetics, you can be confident that the perfect path is out there for you–and we can’t wait to help you find it! Our graduates work in a variety of aspects of the industry – from creating runway looks during fashion week to working in the entertainment industry. They are salon owners, men’s grooming specialists, regional brand educators, bridal specialists, and platform artists.

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