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2021 Education Innovations: Distance Education at The Temple & Student Feedback

During these unprecedented times – The Temple has dedicated their attention & resources not only to providing safe, quality education – but to innovating the way education is delivered to their cosmetology students.

“Distance Education has been a very interesting experience. I believe that the Temple has done a fantastic job with getting us the knowledge we need in such a difficult time. I appreciate all of the extra time I have been able to spend with my son because of distance education” – Kaitlin Baldwin, Temple Annapolis Visionary & FP Enrolled during the height of lockdown .

“I was halfway through the program when we had to go to distance and while it was an adjustment at first – I immediately became obsessed with the influx of education I was able to receive online – not to mention a little jealous of core classes coming in on distance ed! The opportunity to learn the base fundamentals with Paul Mitchell online really does change the game when you start doing more hands on. I wish I had that opportunity!” – Autumn Reid, COVID Graduate

The Temple continues to innovate the way that Future Professionals receive their education as we move into the unknown of 2021; the newest innovation coming to both campuses early January being our Zoom Rooms.

“A Zoom Room is defined as a dedicated space in a building where a combination of cameras, controllers, and audio visual are all connected together to create a seamless experience between a meeting host and attendees.”. – Paul Mitchell Schools

These rooms were created to provide the best hybrid and virtual distance education experience for Future Professionals featuring top of the line technology – including professional LED lighting , 360 degree high definition cameras placed around the classroom for optimum views & premium audio for maximum digestion and minimum distraction. These rooms will allow for ideal collaboration between Future Professionals and our Learning Leaders no matter where they are and we’re excited to continue to provide premium education to our Future Professionals.
Distance education at The Temple has been so much of a success that moving forward the curriculum will permanently include a portion of distance education – a move that speaks volumes to the quality of education being provided by the Temple.