How I Will Learn

How I Will Learn

Everyone Learns Differently

As a Paul Mitchell Partner School, we believe the process of learning should be fun and that each individual’s education should be unique to his or her special talents and ways of understanding.

We base our courses and teaching methods on the theory of Multiple Intelligences pioneered by Howard Gardner at Harvard University. Based on the idea that there are seven different intelligences, we customize a curriculum and offer targeted instruction based on your learning strengths.

The Attention You Deserve

One of the most important benefits of The TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School is our exceptional ratio of one teacher for every four students. Your training will include a mixture of theory, group classes, one-on-one instruction and practical work.

Beautiful, Professional Surroundings

You’ll enjoy studying and working in our gorgeous, hip, and fully equipped and professional salon. Well known in the community, it enjoys an outstanding reputation that attracts clientele, which means plenty of effective hands-on training for you.

The 11,000-square-foot school has been designed with every amenity including:

  • 44 Customer Stations
  • 8 Shampoo Stations
  • 20 Mobile Dryer Stations
  • Color Commissary/Dispensary
  • Full Retail Area
  • Classroom
  • Admissions Office
  • Laundry Room
  • Rest Facilities for Both Future Professionals and Customers
  • Styling Equipment and Work Station Implements
  • Networked Computer System
  • Reading and Video Library
  • Audio/Visual Equipment

Three Phases of Advancement

The State of Maryland requires 1500 clock hours for graduation and testing in cosmetology. To create well-rounded Future Professionals, our hair classes are taught in three-phases that build upon skills learned in previous phases.

Core Phase (First 350 Hours)

During the first 10 weeks, time is spent introducing the basic fundamentals in classroom work consisting of lectures, demonstrations, practice on manikins and evaluations.  You’ll learn the foundational rules needed prior to working with clients in the clinic. Upon completion of 350 hours, turning in all your assigned work, maintaining all grade and attendance levels, and upon recommendation of your learning leader, you will advance to the Adaptive Phase.

Adaptive Phase

In this phase, you will be permitted to practice on guests in our clinic.  Your time will now be spent on practical work, additional advancement lectures, class projects, subject reviews and salon management techniques. Learning will be guided through this phase with individual attention and group learning and your progress will be monitored. This is an intense study phase designed to build on the basics you learned in the Core Phase.

Creative Phase

This is the final phase in which you will enter a new arena of classroom workshops coupled with challenging practical services designed to build you into a confident professional. Although this phase gets tougher, it’s where you’ll learn more advanced dressing and chemical work and your supervisors will begin to defer client handling and service choices to you. If you meet the challenges, soon you’ll be heading to the end run of your program and you’ll have the opportunity to spend your last six weeks at The TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School by dressing, acting and working like a true professional.

On to Exam Time

Once you have successfully finished 1380 hours of the course, you can apply for permission to take the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology Exam, then sit for the Theory portion of the exam. When you have successfully completed the course (1500 hours), and the Board of Cosmetology issues you your test date, you may sit for the Practical portion of the exam.