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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Working at THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School

By Alice Ness, Learning Leader

I remember walking into THE TEMPLE as a 17-year-old still in High School.  I was looking at new options for a career since my original plans had not gone the way I thought they would. I may have walked in thinking this would be a plan B, but I distinctly remember walking out knowing I’d chosen my life’s passion and found my new career path. I toured THE TEMPLE and signed my contact that very same day. Before I even graduated, I chose to become part of THE TEMPLE team and it’s the best decision I have ever made.

Top 10 Reasons Why

1. The Paul Mitchell Culture

When I first toured THE TEMPLE, I saw little sneak peaks of the Paul Mitchell culture. When I attended the school, it blew my mind away. I have tried to explain to friends and family what the Paul Mitchell culture is all about, but there’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself.  It supports you when you’re struggling, it builds you up when you are losing confidence, and it adds fun into your career when you’re feeling down.

2. THE TEMPLE Culture

Most people who work in the Paul Mitchell world understand the Paul Mitchell Culture. However, only working at 22 West Church Street will show you what THE TEMPLE culture is really like. Walking in the front doors of THE TEMPLE, you experience an energy that you can’t find anywhere else. THE TEMPLE’s culture is fun, energetic, supportive, unique, and fast paced. It has made working there feel like home.


3. THE TEMPLE History

When you walk the streets of downtown Frederick, you will see the beauty and life that this city has to offer. And when you talk to the locals most everyone knows about THE TEMPLE. THE TEMPLE has such an amazing reputation thanks to it’s owners, team, students, and gorgeous building. THE TEMPLE gets its name from the building’s history. Being a former Masonic Temple gives THE TEMPLE such a unique appearance and architecture that you can’t help but love.

4. The Opportunities

From day one working at THE TEMPLE, the opportunities have been endless. No matter what department you are in, THE TEMPLE provides growth, education, and many other opportunities for it’s team. When I was a part of the service desk team, I was given countless opportunities from entries to photo contests, to being offered the position of Student Run Programs Leader. Once I join the education team the opportunities only increased! Continuing education was offered as well as the ability to enter new roles and expand my career into Makeup Specialist.

5. The Risers

Not many people have the ability to say they love their bosses. Working at THE TEMPLE has shown me how lucky I am to have bosses who are as involved and as caring as Sharon and Charles. Two of my mentors since day one, the Risers have always supported me as well as every member of THE TEMPLE Team. They encourage all their employees to advance in their career and support them when they strive to accomplish goals and dreams. I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for these two amazing people.

6. THE TEMPLE Team Dynamic

Working at THE TEMPLE has always been a team effort. With THE TEMPLE culture, the team is always there for each other. Whether it’s helping someone prepare for a color certification, or covering a shift when life happens, THE TEMPLE team has always been more than a team. It’s a family.

7. The Future Professionals

Working at THE TEMPLE has introduced me to individuals who have blown me away with their passion and dedication to their career. This would be our Future Professionals. Each Future Professional that walks through our doors has a story and a different journey. Being able to work with each one of them and see who they are and who they are growing to be in the industry is truly amazing.

8. The Ability to Share What I Have Learned

Once I got my cosmetology license, I started building my career with a focus on editorial work. When I attended THE TEMPLE, there wasn’t a staff member who had this focus. Being able to share my experiences with Future Professionals who have a similar dream as mine is absolutely amazing. From helping them with their personal photo shoots, to guiding them through contests like Beacon, I love sharing what I’ve learned with Future Professionals and helping them accomplish their goals.

9. The Ability to Make Current Future Professionals Experience Something More

After working for THE TEMPLE for a few years, I’ve been able to take lead on different events and opportunities such as Beacon. THE TEMPLE is very unique from other cosmetology schools because of their focus and push towards more than just working behind the chair. There are so many different career paths of the beauty industry that THE TEMPLE has always valued. With Beacon, I have the ability to work with students who want to see more of the business and the editorial side of the beauty industry.

10. The Smile It Puts On My Face

I love working at THE TEMPLE because I can say that I’m excited to go to work every morning.

Can you say that?