FUTURE PROFESSIONAL FRIDAY - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis



Meet #TEMPLEANNAPOLIS Future Professional Carmen (@Carmenschopshop) and here’s what you should know!

Working with a theater group doing special effects make up opened her eyes to the career possibilities an education in cosmetology could offer. Carmen’s ultimate goal is to work on sets doing special effects and editorial make up.

As a Future Professional, she’s learned she truly loves make up but also loves hair too —especially transforming clients’ hair into unicorns and rainbows. Carmen has also learned that you can learn form everyone; each person has something to offer and keeping an open mind is key.

Carmen’s advice for other Future Professionals: don’t be so harsh on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Her advice to people a little nervous about starting the process to enroll at Temple Annapolis, “Just know if you work hard then you will do great. This industry has amazing opportunities for everyone. Don’t let them pass you by!”