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7 Ways to Be a Visionary During Your School Journey

7 Ways to Be a Visionary

by Ashlee Banzhoff, Learning Leader
In my 10 or so years in the beauty industry, I’ve seen first hand the importance of a good education. That is why I am passionate about setting Future Professionals up for success during their journey to get them “clinic classroom ready” and help them adapt into their new role as a clinic classroom professional.

Here are a seven tips to help you be visionary during your education with THE TEMPLE:

Make Lasting Relationships
Although our industry is huge, we all network and build upon relationships! This starts right here, on your journey through school! You never know who you might end up collaborating with in the future.

Say Yes!
Say yes to every opportunity you can.  This will help you form lasting relationships, gain valuable experience and give back to your community. It can also give you a great opportunity to practice and own new skills that you didn’t know you had!

Be Adaptable & Stay Positive
In this industry, plans change and the whole day gets rearranged! It is imperative to remain calm, stay forward focused, and go with the flow. This has helped me so many times throughout my career, and is why I can make the most out of every day.

Innovation Is Key
During your journey in Creative, we want you to take the foundation skills that you have learned in Core and Adaptive, and build on them. Take your tools and skills to the next level with the system we have, design new cuts, try new block color techniques. Stay passionate about your craft!

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Practicing your craft is a need to do, not a nice to do. If you want to be successful, you have to practice to be a master. Some of my best learning has been from repetition. It will be hard. But, it allows you to build your speed, and really understand and own what you are doing.

Keep Yourself On Track
Throughout your journey at school you will learn a lot about yourself and others. You create your own path! What you do with your time, and the amount you apply yourself is solely up to you. Setting goals and revisiting them are a great way to hold yourself accountable. Whatever your dream or goal is, surround yourself with people that will help you reach that goal. They will be there to inspire you, and to support you, but be prepared to work for it!!

Have Fun & Play!
As a Learning Leader, this is one of the biggest things that I love to see in my classroom or on the clinic floor. When you have fun, you are inclined to be more creative, “playing” with your tools and practicing your craft is cool!! I love to see Future Professionals excited about what they are doing and share their success stories.

Ashlee Banzhoff has been a licensed cosmetologist and in the clinic classroom industry for over 10 years. You can find her predominantly on the clinic floor, but also in the classroom with Core, Specialty and Theory class. She has a passion for education also seeing future professionals grow, progress and succeed throughout their journey at THE TEMPLE.