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Adulting, Temple Style

Adulting, TEMPLE Style

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to join THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School for your cosmetology education. Congratulations!

Get ready for a real-deal introduction into your journey, your investment, and your experience as soon as you walk through the doors on your first day.  This. Is. Not. High School. Here are our best tips for success:


Arrive early (yes, early) and be prepared to learn and jump in. After all, this is a time-driven industry (i.e. your time/guest’s time = your earning potential/their happiness) and the clock is ticking once you arrive at school. Roll call begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. depending on whether you’re enrolled in our day or night school program.


Just like a job, you’re expected to be present. If you are unable for whatever reason, (sick, car trouble, etc.) call in and leave a message. No call, no show means you lose your time and your attendance percentage suffers.


We will communicate with you a lot, especially if you are receiving Federal Financial Aid (student loans, grants, etc.). We are required by law to notify you once your FAFSA results are in or your loans are dispersed. Check your email. Return our phone calls.


Speaking of FAFSA and the Student Loan process, know your FSA ID (username & password) because you will need to know this throughout your time with us and beyond. 

It’s not your parent’s responsibility. The student loans (if you have them) are in your name, not theirs. In fact, once you turn 18, we are not able to share information about you or your loans with your parents without special FERPA permission.*


Find a mentor! One of our fabulous Learning Leaders or experienced Future Professionals are always eager and willing to help. Our culture rewards visionaries… be one!


Take advantage of extra-curricular activities! We have many that will set you apart and put you in a position to be lucky. Student run programs, community events and invitations to be a part of something bigger than yourself are always available.


Look and act the part. Your appearance and demeanor are directly related to your success! Act as if you’re already in the industry and be that person you would want to do your hair, make up or nails.

*FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) information available in the Financial Aid office

By Chris Laurich, Financial Aid Leader

About Chris: One of our Financial Aid Leaders, Chris is a self-proclaimed social butterfly who loves the Frederick community.Chris volunteers for and is a member of many local service organizations, including the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce and the Mental Health Association. When not in the Financial Aid office, Chris can be seen talking to Future Professionals about their current experience and future plans, which she says notes should always include an element of networking and relationship building.  She holds a BA in Communications from Slippery Rock Univ. of PA.