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Advice From The Pros: Connecting With Mentors For Success

What is the best way to for finding and connecting with mentors for both career and personal growth?

Network at events that inspire you. Utilize social media. Attend as many classes as you can, and connect with those artists. – Fernie Andong

Mentors surround us in every aspect of our lives. Some we may never meet in person, but don’t let that stop you from learning from their work, actions, and beliefs. For ones within our reach, the best thing we can do is ask for their support and guidance. Show your gratefulness by becoming a mentor yourself. –Linda Yodice

Find mentors in every aspect of life who possess the energy, passion and aspirations you desire. –Heather Kaanoi

Find a mentor who inspires you artistically, professionally and personally and let them know you’d like them to mentor you. Stay connected with them and take action on the advice they give you. To get the most from your mentor, be coachable. –Lucie Doughty

Find someone humble who respects others and do the same. –Julian Perlingiero

Once you’ve found someone who’s doing what you want to be doing, be willing to invest in that relationship. Sacrifice the late nights, spend the money to fly yourself to their shows, do what you need to do to be where they are. The growth you’ll experience will be incredible! –Paula Peralta