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Advice From The Pros: After You Graduate


What’s your best advice for a Paul Mitchell Schools graduate?

Say yes to every opportunity. You will be surprised how fast you will grow in this industry just by saying yes. Show up and work really hard, remember to love yourself and remain adaptable while you are on the journey. – Brittany Troche

Education. Take classes on the topics that move you the most and expand your focus every few years. By educating yourself both creatively and academically, you become the type of person people will pay a premium to be with and be serviced by. – Christian Gaytan

Be a livelong learner. You will never know everything. There will always be people further along than you are – surround yourself with those people, that’s your opportunity to grow. Make your mentors your peers.–Clinton Norris

Try and be better tomorrow than you were today. –Colin Caruso