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Advice From The Pros: Staying Passionate And In Love With The Beauty Industry

Robert Cromeans

What’s your best advice for staying passionate and in love with the beauty industry?

Be OK with being uncomfortable. In fact, strive to be uncomfortable. It is truly the best way to evolve and stretch your style as an artist. –Nikki Ramos

Take as many advanced classes as you can! We inspire each other through our art and individuality. –Diana Schmidtke

Never stop learning and let yourself get bored. Always keep yourself a little bit outside your comfort zone and you will feel growth and satisfaction. –Emma Long

Diversify. You’re only as good in this industry as the people you hang around. Get involved with the industry and become a teacher, a Learning Leader, a platform artist, an icon… why not? – Robert Cromeans

Now that you have found what you love to do, focus on great work. Participate in photo shoots and competitions, like NAHA, to stay inspired. Educate yourself and always stay up to date with everything you do. Seek what inspires you and remember what inspires you and remember why you chose this career. –Jason Reyes

Remember the first day you started in this industry and how excited you were. Keep that mentality, never let it go and surround yourself with like –minded people. –Scott Cole

Stay connected to our great company. We help you figure out the steps! – Stephanie Kocielski

Continually challenge yourself to be better, and eventually you will become the best. It’s when you believe that you are the best and cannot lean any more that you get bored and life becomes dull. Stay in love with learning and you will never be bored a day in your life! –Devri Ficklin