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    There are no other Schedule Change Options for additional Esthetics Programs for change currently in the Esthetics Program at this time.

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    (Note schedule changes can only start on a Monday or Tuesday)

    I understand that all schedule change requests are reviewed only on the first week of the following months: February, April, June, August, October, December. Until approval and contract addendum signed, I’m aware I will be on my current contracted schedule.

    I understand that all submissions are pending approval of the management of The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School. Submission of this form does not guarantee approval. Approval is pending, but not limited to, SAP report status, availability, and past advisories. Schedule changes are limited to 2 per student.

    Yes, I have read and agree with the following statement: Please be aware that your change of schedule will effect your current Theory Class Learning Path. Your new schedule may be on another chapter or a chapter you have already covered. This will mean a repeat of Chapter items or Chapter items you will have to revisit in order to graduate. We ask that you take this into consideration.

    I understand that any change of schedule or leave from school may effect my funding in the way of any VA Benefits, Excess Cash Disbursements for Financial Aid, or Continued Funding if I go over my Award Year. Any Future Professionals with VA Funding understand:

    The VA only funds your education for the required number of hours in the program (1200 for Barbering, 1500 for Cosmetology) at a clock hour school. While your contract with The Temple includes 10% additional time to be late or absent, the VA does not include this in your enrollment certification.

    If you choose to make any changes to your enrollment, such as schedule change or Leave of Absence, you must notify your School Certifying Officials so that we may update your status with the VA. Please be aware that Leave of Absence could create a debt with the VA for overpayment of housing benefits.