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Camp Clagett Participants Receive Special Treat


In July Future Professionals from THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in had the opportunity to provide hair and makeup for a group of wonderful individuals at The Clagett Center.

The Clagett Center hosts Camp Clagett for people with special needs.  A formal dance is one of the many activities in which the campers get to participate.  Our Future Professionals were so thrilled at the opportunity to help the lovely ladies attending the camp get ready for their special event.

Once all the tools and makeup were set up, a flurry of action began.  Each lady was provided with personalized hair and makeup to make them feel beautiful. 

Their happiness was evident by the smile on their faces!

“When I would show them their hair and makeup it was so nice to see them smile from ear to ear, “said Future Professional Alison Browney.

“Getting the opportunity to spend time with these girls was wonderful!  They always had smiles on their faces, which put smiles on ours!” stated Kaily Brady.

Our Future Professionals truly enjoyed their experience providing hair and makeup for Camp Clagett!