CARLIE CEISER - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis


Carlie’s passion for art led her to THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School. From day one, she said yes to every opportunity given to her; she excelled by joining the “Be Nice Club,” attending Caper, helping at onsite weddings, traveling to hair shows and becoming a Phase 2 Future Professional. After graduating, Carlie worked in a few clinic classrooms and completed the first “Makeup At THE TEMPLE” course. She also traveled three to five times a year to a variety of shows and classes.

Recently, Carlie was accepted to become a Scruples National Educator, traveling the country demonstrating hair cutting and hair coloring techniques, all while finishing her business degree!

Since graduating, Carlie says “I have realized how the Paul Mitchell schools truly stand apart from all others. Our culture is something that outsiders don’t usually understand. The Learning Leaders genuinely care and want to see each future professional flourish. I was given the tools to go above and beyond in my career. The opportunities were amazing, and the structure was phenomenal! I am very honored to be a Paul Mitchell graduate!”