Dana Ratliff Howson - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis


The moment Dana walked into THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School, she knew she was home! Dana loved how guest speakers spoke on the many aspects and careers there are within the beauty industry. Being on every team THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School offered allowed her to travel and participate in many different aspects of the industry while giving back at the same time. Dana raised money so she could go to the Caper event in Vegas, which she felt was incredible!

Dana has now been in the beauty industry for 20 years. She received her make-up license in 1995 while she was counter manager for Elizabeth Arden and Dermablend, and her full Cosmetology license in 2007. Dana has always gravitated towards up-styles and color. She went from being behind the counter to hair and make-up for head shots/calling cards. Currently, she is a Regional Color Coordinator for JPMS, hair stylist for Shear Dimensions clinic classroom and Spa, and an up style specialist for Up Do’s for I Do’s.

Tips for Future Professionals: “While you are in school, take the time to really learn your craft and build your foundation. You have invested a lot of money, and you will need a strong, sturdy foundation to build upon as you grow in this beautiful industry,” shares Dana.