Appeal to Return - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis

Appeal to Return to Campus

    Personal Information

    First Name

    Last Name

    Current Hours

    Scheduled Hours

    Total Absent Hours

    Attendance Percentage

    Reason For Drop

    Please identify the challenges that have caused your termination from THE TEMPLE. After, describe the Academic Plan you have developed in order to improve your attendance standards so you may return and graduate successfully.

    Agreement and Signature

    I have agreed to the above outlined Academic Plan and appeal to return to school. I have worked with THE TEMPLE team to develop a series of steps that I understand must be followed in order to be considered to be “making satisfactory progress” and remain in the program. I will return on a thirty (30) day probation.

    I understand that the school has 10 Business Days to review and reach out to respond to my appeal.

    Signature of Future Professional