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Future Professional Friday

This is Holly (@hollysammynoelle) and here’s what you should know:

She was drawn to the beauty industry because ever since she can remember, she’s been playing with hair tools and hair things since she was little with her aunt and her sister.

When Holly moved from New Mexico to Maryland, this gave her the perfect opportunity to be a Temple Frederick Future Professional.

One of her biggest challenges was finding confidence to push through and keep getting better. Being able to #justkeepswimming, gave her the reward of learning to be creative and learning to be confident in her skills.

Outside of all things beauty, Holly is an avid DIY-er with an abundance of craft supplies! She said she’s always teaching herself new skills.

She recommends coming to #TEMPLEFREDERICK for cosmetology school because of the guest artists, networking opportunities, and literally being able to boost people’s confidence every day.

Her advice:

To people passionate about the beauty industry but a little afraid to make the jump into school: JUST GO FOR IT!

To her other Future Professional peers: life hits, but if you keep going, you’ll make it. Be kind to everyone; if you spread 

kindness you’ll get it returned to you.

Eventually, she hopes to combine her skills as a CNA and cosmetologist to create a mobile clinic classroom to give cosmetology services to those who can’t get out of the house.