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Future Professional Friday

This is Carlos (@carlosmairena_)! He is a Phase 2 Temple Frederick Future Professional. Here’s what you should know about him:

He initially wanted to go to school for art but when he began to nurture his interest in the beauty industry, he started to consider cosmetology school

Being a cosmetologist you could say is kind of in his genes — his aunt is also a licensed cosmetologist and a Temple Frederick graduate

Carlos is currently a full time Future Professional AND working at Alter Ego clinic classroom in Frederick so he says it’s challenging to make time for friends that aren’t at school or in the clinic classroom.

Carlos says the most rewarding part about being a Future Professional at Temple Frederick is meeting new people and building relationships, especially with Learning Leaders (Ahem … Colby)

Because he loves painting (watercolor specifically) he loves creating blondes by hand painting

Fun Fact: Carlos’ interest in makeup started just a year ago! For him, doing make up is a stress reliever.

His friends say he is extremely picky about his hair. So much so that he won’t let them style or blow dry it. But they also say he’s always so loving and affectionate.

Advice that he shares with someone thinking about attending cosmetology school:

You just have to do it, there’s nothing to lose; everyone has a place here.

Advice for his fellow Future Professionals:

Don’t miss out on opportunities that are given to you.

And just general life advice Carlos shares:

Be yourself people are either going to accept it or not.

Eventually, Carlos wants to own a clinic classroom to blonde everyone in Boca.