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Future Professional Friday

This is Adela (@done.by.adela.mae) and here’s what you should know:
Creativity and passion drew her to the beauty industry.
Since becoming a Future Professional, she’s learned how to be patient (because that’s an absolutely necessary skill in this industry). She’s learned patience with herself, other Future Professionals, and clients.
One of the most rewarding parts about cosmetology school is seeing clients smile after a job well done. What’s been the most challenging in her journey has been being disappointed in herself for wanting to be the best but then always reminding herself that she’s still learning and growing with room to still make mistakes.
Her advice to people that already have a passion for the industry but are a little nervous to take the jump to become a #TempleAnnapolis Future Professional is: “Sometimes you just have to go for it and try, just so you don’t regret not trying in the future”