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Future Professional Friday

This is Ohseas (@ohseas.v) & here’s what you should know:

He was drawn to the cosmetology industry because when he was younger, he visualized himself doing makeup for fashion shows but he put that dream on hold because of outside criticism.

Since being a Temple Annapolis Future Professional, he’s learned to have more confidence in his skills

Ohseas has learned that other people can have good days and bad days and that’s ok, you just have to understand where they’re coming from and support them no matter the day.

Advice he would share with other Future Professionals is:
“You can’t do it” because I always thought I wasn’t going to be able to do everything I have done just believe in your self and always be your true self.

Advice he would share with people a little nervous about making the jump into cosmetology school:
Even if it looks like something you wouldn’t be good at there’s a lot people willing to help you and show you the right way to be successful. It may seem like a hard career but I enjoy it so much every day thanks to cosmetology I’ve made so many good friends, recommendation from Ohseas!