Guest Artist Noogie Thai: Inspiring, Funny, & Kind - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis

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Guest Artist Noogie Thai: Inspiring, Funny, & Kind

Noogie Thai

Guest Artists are an amazing piece of our culture at THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School. Showcasing the industry and all it has to offer to Future Professionals is a priority for our owners Charles and Sharon Riser. To say that Noogie Thai was one of the best loved guest artists that we’d seen is an understatement. His passion and personality easily won over the Future Professionals in attendance!

From the moment he himself became a Future Professional at Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa it was obvious that Noogie was extraordinary. While in school, he was chosen as a finalist for North American Hair Awards in 2003 and his star has continued to rise ever since. He is an Emmy nominated hairstylist whose love for Avant Garde hairstyling is taking the industry by storm.

Noogie seems to have an affinity for truly connecting with his audience. According to Future Professional Sara 

Skidmore, He had an amazing sense of humor that was a part of his whole presentation. It made him so much fun to watch!”

Watching him create a hairstyle was something special for those in attendance. He had a way of making the hair work for him that was fascinating. You could tell that passion was a part of each step of his process.

While demonstrating techniques and tricks he took the time to listen and respond to what the our Future Professionals were interested in. “He wanted to teach us what we wanted to learn,” said Taylor Tenly of Frederick.

Future Professionals left his presentation with the certainty that he not only cared about the industry but also the next generation of learners.

Thanks Noogie for being such a wonderful mentor!