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How to Become A PHD

How to Become a PHD

Who says a Stylist can’t become a PHD?
By Katia Duvall, Learning Leader
My name is Katia Duvall, from Bowie, Maryland, and I am so honored to have been a part of the Paul Mitchell family for nearly four years. Being brought up in the cosmetology industry, I have been exposed to all the ways that I can present myself as a hair dresser. It wasn’t until I became an educator for Paul Mitchell that I truly understood how to be a PHD, that is, Professional Hair Dresser.

Step One:
The first step to becoming a successful PHD is to invest wisely, not only your money, but but also your time. Starting your career within the Paul Mitchell School network gets you into a family of thousands of hair clinic classrooms around the country already in the Paul Mitchell Family.  The Paul Mitchell company has been in the business of professional hair for over three decades and remains the largest hair care company to be exclusively in the professional beauty industry. You not only get a strong foundation in cutting, but also an amazing understanding of color chemistry and placement, along with the skills to work with any texture or wave pattern, and so much more. In order to retain all this amazing education, you must invest! 

Step Two:

The second step to becoming a successful PHD is to practice for the role you want to play. Everything gets better with practice, because of how all the discoveries we make along the way. In order to have successful habits you must practice successful behavior. it is so important to practice your techniques and methods so you can be strong behind the chair which, in turn, will make you successful. And don’t forget about the professional aspects of our industry: being on time, creating magic, having a positive attitude and, of course, giving back to our community.

Step Three: 
The final step to becoming a PHD is to play with people who want to play with you! There is nothing better than having a feeling of excitement and joy every morning on your way to work. Your success is up to you and there are no limitations is such a blessing.

When you invest in THE TEMPLE Annapolis:  A Paul Mitchell Partner School, you get a great start to your career and a jump on becoming a successful PHD. But when you invest in building strong and successful relationships with amazing people, the sky is your only limit!