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Leaders Attend the Look Good Feel Better Program

Hope is beautiful!

In March, learning leaders Ashlee Banzhoff, Cindee Long, Amanda Price and Ashley Martinez participated in the Look Good Feel Better training hosted by the American Cancer Society.

This half day course taught how to apply the Future Professional skills are already learned towards working with women, men and children who are undergoing cancer treatment. Many cancer patients experience hair loss and struggle with feeling beautiful. The course enabled Jen and Tessa to learn about the effects of chemotherapy, beauty tips specific to cancer patients, and county resources to purchase wigs.

Cindee Long, Phase Two Learning Leader for the Temple Frederick, raved, “It was great to learn how to support and touch someone in a way that allowed them to feel beautiful in a time where they really need it.”

Sharon Riser, co-owner, stated “Our school and the Paul Mitchell way is all about giving back to the community and empowering others.  The Annapolis area is in high demand for volunteers for the Look Good Feel Better program.  I believe that with the clinic classroom relationships we are building, we will be able to really help get this program off the ground — all while building a sense of unity and community within the beauty industry.

To learn more about the Look Good Feel Better program, click here.