Leveling Up At Paul Mitchell’s Business rEvolution

Temple owners Charles and Sharon Riser took Temple education and growth to a new level at the Paul Mitchell Business rEvolution event this past July in Las Vegas.

The two day intensive training was filled with education, speakers, breakout sessions and networking all focusing on developing successful leaders, clinic classroom owners, independent stylists and sale professionals.

Sharing their knowledge were the likes of John Paul DeJoria – CEO and Co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Michaeline DeJoria– Vice Chairman and Director of Future Business Development for John Paul Mitchell Systems, Robert Cromeans – Founder of ARCS clinic classrooms and Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems, Johnny & Meagan McCormick – President and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Visible Changes, Antony Whitaker – Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, John Harms – Founder and CEO of Millennium Software and Barry Smitherman.