Madison Pizer, Student at the Temple Frederick a Paul Mitchell, Featured in Beauty Launchpad

One of our students, Madison Pizer, at the Temple Frederick has been featured in the November issue of Beauty Launchpad!

From the article:


The next generation of stylists has already begun to make its mark on the industry, and the future looks gorgeous. These three student standouts have more than earned their admiration.

Inspiration: Madison Pizer, a student at THE TEMPLE, a Paul Mitchell Partner School in Frederick, Maryland, found inspiration in Mother Earth when creating her striking look. “The muted rainbow tones symbolize all that is bright on our beloved planet, while the light flowers and dewy makeup represent life and radiance,” she explains.

What made her pursue professional beauty?
The beauty industry combines Pizer’s love of art (particularly Claude Monet, Edouard Manet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir) with her desire to help others. “I absolutely adore making someone feel beautiful and transformed,” says Pizer. “There’s no better feeling in this world than making someone else’s day.”

You can download the full magazine here:

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