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My Meet The Future Of Style Experience

My Meet the Future of Style Experience

By Autumn Palmer, Future Professional at THE TEMPLE

Being a student at THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School has been an all around magical experience. From the beautiful building, fantastic learning leaders and creative lesson plans all the way to the events they hold for their Future Professionals.

I woke up on the morning of the July 12th excited and extremely nervous about the event that was about to unfold that evening. We were having a Meet The Future Stylist night and me, a Future Professional who was 700 hours into my education and 350 hours into taking guests, was about to have a technical interview in front of an upwards of 45 clinic classroom representatives!

Honestly, the day seemed to fly by faster than any of them before. Next thing I knew, it was 4:30pm and I was having to set up my station. The next hour seemed like an eternity. I knew clinic classrooms I was interested in working with were going to be there and that made even getting resumes out seem impossible. It was nerve – racking knowing clinic classroom owners and people who have been in the industry for years, would be watching me cut a guest’s hair.


As the clinic classroom owners made their way downstairs I worked on my service as if no one was watching. It was actually quite exhilarating knowing they were surrounding me throughout the evening and watching me work.

The nervous feeling went away after the first clinic classroom stopped to talk to me. My answers to their questions seemed to flow from my mouth much easier than I anticipated. Taking my scissors out of my hand, so that I could shake theirs became easier with each passerby. I stopped shaking. A total of 11 clinic classrooms stopped to talk to me and pick up my resume. The amazing part was that the clinic classrooms I had been interested in meeting were just as interested in meeting me!

After it was over, the emotions running through me were  

overwhelming. I felt so humbled to be able to experience such an amazing evening at such an early time in my career. I was so grateful for the opportunity to show off my skills, and above all I felt so proud of myself and also to that I was a part of such an amazing school.

I cried for a solid hour in my car before heading home. (Tears of utter happiness.) This event was meant to open doors, and that’s exactly what it did!

Thank you Sharon and Charles Riser for being such influential and inspirational owners. And also a huge thank you to Jennifer Gerlock and Jessica Higgins for working so hard on the event and caring so much about their future professionals and their careers.