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My Dean’s List Experience: Mekeisha Andrews

The Paul Mitchell Schools Dean’s List program recognizes Future Professionals for outstanding achievement in academia, community, attitude, school program involvement, and culture.

The extensive criteria includes academic and attendance requirements, participation in philanthropic activities, membership in at least two student-run programs, entering Beacon, and much more. Future Professionals in the cosmetology, skin, and nail programs are eligible for the award.

On this day, as I look up at the stage at the 30 models and see my model (my daughter Abigail) it is with tears in my eyes that I think, “Oh my goodness, this 1,500 hour journey at THE TEMPLE has been worth this life changing ride!”

I always loved makeup but, until recently, had never thought of applying it on other people but. As I watch my model on the stage I note that her hair looks amazing and her makeup is beautiful and I realize, “WOW, I did that!”

There is no way I would have been able to accomplish that without the addition of the Paul Mitchell Dean’s List. I completed the Dean’s List, not only the standard honors components, but also the makeup honors as well. Without taking my education that extra step, I do not think my experience would have been as successful. We had a great class and learned many new things but the foundations that were built into the honors program made it that much easier for me to understand the additional knowledge we were given.

When I was in Core and first learned about Dean’s List, like so many future professionals, I wanted to take part in this accomplishment and knew immediately that it would be my goal.

From day one I started taking in every bit of information that was given to me. (And then some!) The Paul Mitchell Dean’s List book includes color honors, cutting honors, texture honors and an optional makeup honors. Little did I know that what I thought was going to be entered into my completed books would change many, many times! I realized as I went through my 1,500 hours at THE TEMPLE that I was vastly improving my knowledge and skill set. 

And what that meant was having to take things out of my books as I improved upon the certain tasks that were asked of me in the criteria.

I really enjoyed working on the Paul Mitchell Dean’s List! It challenged me along my journey, not only to stay focused and work hard, but it showed me that I can adapt and grow, even at a fast pace and that that would be expected of me in the world of Cosmetology.

The Dean’s List is a self directed part of our education process. By no means was it an easy task but it definitely was the most rewarding work I completed while at THE TEMPLE. I made the most out of the tools that were given to me and took any and all education that was offered to me including going as far as Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada for specialty classes and training.

I was passionate about my work and my studies while at THE TEMPLE. It was a dream of mine from 20 years ago to go to cosmetology school. It is never too late, no matter what point you are in your life, to fulfill your heart’s desire. I can see how much I have grown from first coming into the school last April as a very quiet and reserved individual to discovering who I really am and that I have the confidence to achieve so much more then I had ever imagined.

When I look back on my time at the Temple I will always know that this by far has been the most challenging albeit, best, part of my life not to mention the most rewarding because in my heart I have fulfilled MY DREAMS and have accomplished this one journey in my life. I have not only become a hairdresser but so much more!