Second Runway Fashion Show Experience - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis


Second Runway Fashion Show Experience

Fashion shows. When you think of them you don’t think of old, already used clothing. One would think of nice new couture top of the line, right? Well my whole image changed this very night. I was asked to do a Goodwill fashion show. Crazy, right!? I was a little hesitant at first, not gonna lie. But then I thought, hey why not! It’ll be good exposure and a ton of fun. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. The cause that we were contributing to was also amazing. It was for people who didn’t have a lot, who had mental disabilities, and to just give them the best night of their lives. Why wouldn’t I wanna be apart of such a great cause!?

I’ve modeled before in other shows and their stuff was super nice, super expensive; typical model material. Well, when I tried on all my outfits last Friday my jaw literally dropped. I was so amazed that the clothes were THAT extravagant. They had put together better outfits that I’ve even worn before! I was also a bit nervous of course. Going out on the runway and modeling in front of people you don’t even know. And the fact that I had to make such a good impression last in their minds was definitely a thought that stuck in my head. But it’s such a surreal feeling when you get out there and basically ‘do ya thang!’. I can’t even explain the feeling when you get out and see all those people clapping and cheering for you. It’s all for you, the great cause, and the hype of the show. Honestly, one of the best feelings. Even backstage, with all the hectic happenings, there is excitement, adrenaline

My school did such a fantastic job representing as well. Design Team Future Professionals did the hair and makeup for this event, and other Future Professionals, including myself were able to walk the runway! Even first time models did their thing. Everyone seemed so comfortable. I’ve never been apart of a fashion show that ran so smoothly. Shoutout to Alice Ness for leading the Design Team as participants in this fantastic event!