Temple Frederick Fall 2016 Graduation - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis

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Temple Frederick Fall 2016 Graduation

On October 4th THE TEMPLE: A Paul Mitchell Partner School gathered together 65 graduates along with their friends and family and staff members to celebrate Fall Graduation.

“It takes 1500 hours for each Future Professional to complete the program. That is the time equivalent to a full four-year college degree. It is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, and we dedicate time each year to do just that.” said Charles Riser co-owner of THE TEMPLE.

“From our Future Professionals’ first day, until their last time clocking out we can see them blossom, not only as stylists but as individuals as well,” said Sharon Riser co-owner. “It means a lot for Charles and me to be able to share this experience with them from their personal discoveries to 

mastering their skills. It is an incredible feeling.”

The evening also featured guest speaker Molly Mummert, former Temple graduate, a premier stylist at STUDIO 7 THE clinic classroom and SPA and National Educator for JPMS. Molly’s training also includes advanced education with industry platform artists such as Robert Cromeans, Noogie Thai, and Lucy Doughty. She has been awarded “Best In Show” during 2016 Paul Mitchell Regional Trainings, has had an editorial spread published along with a cover of “Avant-Garde” magazine, and was named “Hairstylist of the Year” during the 2015 RAWAWARDS.

Congratulations to all of our graduates! We’re so proud of you and wish you the best of luck on your journey!