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TEMPLE Future Professionals Speak About FunRaising!

On April 17th, we held our “One Event.” During this event, future professionals had one hour to raise as much money as possible in our FunRaising efforts. Each student that raised $1,000.00 in that one hour, earned their way into the Orlando Hair Show! Here is what four of our Future Professionals had to say about their FunRaising experience:

Words can’t explain how excited I am that I have earned the trip to Orlando! I believe that in order to get, you also have to give. THE TEMPLE does a very good job at making fundraising fun, and I love all the opportunities that I have been offered in my time at school so far. I am so ecstatice to go to Orlando and connect with many different people in the industry. It’s amazing to have so many supportive people who believe in my dreams and want to see me succeed and helped me reach my goal to make this opportunity possible! I am so grateful for THE TEMPLE and can’t wait to see what other opportunities are in store for my future.

Macey Hale

I am beyond excited for this trip! I’m ready to start packing! I’m super excited because this will be my first hair show every and I can’t wait to see what it is like. I am thankful for my friends and family for helping me raise the money and make this dream become reality. I am also so thankful for THE TEMPLE, because without this chool, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine such amazing opportunities. I have always wanted to donate to charity, it has been on my bucket list since I was 16. Coming to THE TEMPLE made it easy, fun and I know where my money is going. The Paul Mitchell community is so amazing and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Ashley Burns

I could not be more excited to have been given the chance to go to Orlando with such an amazing group of Future Professionals! I cannot thank my family enough for their support through this journey and helping me fulfill my dreams as a hair stylist. I would also like to thank Mr. Clint Davis for his generous donation. Clint is a Paul Mitchell school owner in Kansas.

The thing I am most excited for in Orlando is seeing so many people with the same interest and passion as I do!

I am a firm believer in giving back and helping others. I love that Paul Mitchell and THE TEMPLE have these wonderful charities to give to! I have been fundraising for a while now in the fight against breast cancer in memory of my Mom. With the money I raised in our ONE event, I chose to put it toward Cancer Smancer, because it is very important to me 

to find a cure for cancer one day! Fundraising and giving back is such a reward in itself and I could not be more excited to be helping so many people out!

Thank you all for helping to me raise money and also for the opportunity and the pleasure of doing something so rewarding of giving to others in need!

Danielle Peregoy

I am honestly so ecstatic to be going to the Orlando Hair Show! The opportunity to experience the hair culture in Orlando is so exciting and I cannot wait to go. A few of the things I am excited to experience are meeting others who share my passion in the area, networking and learn new things! Hair is my passion and any opportunity to grow and see new concepts in the industry is more than exciting. The best thing about going to the Orlando Hair Show is that it is ultimately a reward for raising money for charity. Charity and giving back is so important, and while we get to go on a trip, the thought that each of us who are going raised a thousand dollars for charity is a reward in it’s own. THE TEMPLE culture is all about giving back and I have to thank the Temple for all these amazing opportunities that we as future professionals are given. So on that note, I have to say thank you to all those that helped me raise money for charity and supported my passion in this industry!

Johnathan Murphy

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