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Temple Representatives On Capitol Hill Advocating For The Industry

Staff and Future Professionals from THE TEMPLE took to Capitol Hill in October to meet with representatives to address some of the big issues facing the industry and education.

“When new decisions are made, it is easy to focus on a single group and overlook how the decisions may impact unintended parties. It is our responsibility to make sure new laws and regulations made on Capital Hill do not unintentionally impact our industry in a negative way,” stated Conor Turnage co-owner of THE TEMPLE. “We do our part by taking the time to discuss our concerns and share our point of view with elected officials so that all aspects of a decision are considered. Having Paul Mitchell Future Professionals and graduates with us who described the positive impact the schools had on their lives is what made those two days so special because they are the ones we are most concerned for.”

“It was an eye opening experience for me. I’ve never lobbied before but since I ultimately want to pursue the executive side of the industry, I felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to participate,” said Issa Connell, Future Professional. “I’m not personally utilizing any government funding aside from my GI bill but it is important to me to step up for my class and represent them by telling our stories.”

“Every day on Capitol Hill, people sit at tables and conference rooms and offices making decisions that have 

the ability to greatly affect our lives and our industry. I believe we have a responsibility to have a seat at those meetings.  Advocating on Capitol Hill is how we get that “seat”. By telling our elected officials our stories and showing them what we do and how we do it, we help keep them focused on the things that matter most to us:  their constituents. This year was very special for us because we were able to bring our amazing Future Professionals and they were given the chance to tell their story as well.  It was an amazing two days,” stated Charles Riser, co-owner of THE TEMPLE.