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Top 5 Reads on Your Journey to a Fabulous Life

By Chris Laurich, Financial Aid Leader

Education and experience are necessary to create any successful stylist.  But, the more you learn about people, business and yourself, the better beauty professional you will be.  Here are the top 5 reads to help you gain an edge and keep balance in your life:

Eat That Frog: 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time
by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy addresses one of most common destructive habits we as humans have: procrastination.  You know, that little thing that keeps you paralyzed from moving forward with your day, plans or goals.  The premise is that if you do the hardest thing first in your day (first i.e. eat a frog), then it makes the rest of your tasks a piece of cake.  Tracy gives the reader 21 ways to do it.  An easy read and super effective.

Don’t Worry, Make Money – Spiritual & Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun In Your Life by Richard Carlson, PhD

If you’re looking for a way to get smart and more importantly, motivated about getting your self together, this is it!  Honestly, I’ve read this little paperback so many times and refer to it time and time again.  The chapters are relatively short (2-3 pages) and super powerful.  My favorite is “Create Your Own Luck,” and has been a philosophy I’ve lived by ever since being exposed to the concept. Grab this little gem and gobble it up – you’ll be glad you did!

Success is Not a Spectator Sport How to Take Action and Achieve More
by Charles Marcus

So, you want to be successful?  This is a great book that helps uncover ways to overcome obstacles, surround yourself with positives, invest in your professional development, and take ownership of success once it comes your way. What’s cool about the author is that he overcome a huge obstacle in his own life – and used it as motivation to write the book.

7 Habits of Highly Successful People
by Steven Covey

Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win/Win, Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood, Synergize and Sharpen the Saw.  This best seller has been around for years and has been used for countless seminars.  It’s a must!

Be Nice or Else and What’s in It For You
by Winn Claybaugh

As part of our Paul Mitchell culture and your experience as a Future Professional, this is a must read.  Not only is it the 1. beginning of encouragement to live a positive life but as a good/nice person.  This philosophy can transform your outlook while at school and also in general in everyday life.