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Two Current Future Professionals at THE TEMPLE Share Their Experiences

Kelsey Carkeek:

Starting my journey of finding which cosmetology school was the right fit for me was not easy. BUT when walking into THE TEMPLE, I knew I had finally found my home! I have now been a Future Professional for 6 months, and I couldn’t be more excited about my future!  Hair and make-up for weddings, Oktoberfest, Rotary Club, giving free men’s haircut’s to The Frederick Mission, Beth Minardi classes, education classes, and photo shoots is just a short list of the opportunities I have been blessed to be a part of. It is amazing that we have some of the top artists in the industry like Dean Banowetz, Rosie and Sandy Matos, Geno Stampora, and many more come to speak with us!

The staff is absolutely phenomenal! They are always there for you with questions, mentoring, and pep talks. They truly care, and want to see you succeed in your career. Finally, the owners, Sharon and Charles Riser — they are not only amazing role models, motivating, inspirational and heartfelt, but they also contribute a great deal of time to the community. They have not only given me endless opportunities, but they have given me a family that I never knew I could have.


I started THE TEMPLE in June 2014 to further my career in the makeup industry. I have been a makeup artist for eight years, and thought that more doors would open for me if I had a license behind my name. I had toured three other cosmetology schools, including another Paul Mitchell school, and was not impressed. I finally toured THE TEMPLE and was “WOWED” from the moment Ashley Chin introduced herself. I’m so happy that I had saved THE TEMPLE for last since I knew instantly that this would be my home for the next several months.

What I enjoy most about this school is how they embrace each of their students with open arms. The faculty and Learning Leaders are there to answer any questions that we may have or help with any challenges we may face. They want us to succeed in this industry, and they do everything in their ability to set us up for success!

Along with presenting an amazing curriculum, being at THE TEMPLE has unlocked my new passion for HAIR. This happened once I moved from Core to Adaptive, and I had the chance to be on a team of Future Professionals that went to New York City to do hair on the models for NYC Lingerie Fashion Week.

I thoroughly enjoy the amazing guest artists that have walked through these doors. Since I started in June, I have had the pleasure to hear from Debra Dietrich, Melissa Jaqua and Abe Barron, Dean Banowetz, and Rosie Matos. These artists gave us a sneak-peek into the “glamorous” lifestyle of a hair stylist to the stars, and the highs and lows of getting there.

THE TEMPLE offers their students an outstanding culture, an over-the-top curriculum, and never-ending opportunities to experience all avenues that this industry offers. Though I feel like I understood my dreams “late” in life, I’m so glad that I chose THE TEMPLE! My life has changed, and this school has helped me become the person I’ve forever wanted to be, and is leading me into the career that I’ve always dreamed of having!