Ultimate Face - Meet The First Influencer of '22 - Kay Echo - THE TEMPLE a Paul Mitchell Partner School | Frederick | Annapolis


Ultimate Face – Meet The First Influencer of ’22 – Kay Echo

Originally posted on: Ultimate Face

We are so excited to announce our first Ultimate Influencer of 2022!

Meet Kay Echo! They are a future professional at The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Frederick MD!

We asked Kay a few questions so you can get to know them a little better.

Q: What is your favorite Ultimate Face product and why?

A: “Cream foundation palette due to it having many uses including contouring, adding glossy sheens, and being able to mix a perfect foundation match.

Color wheel matte shadow palette which has always been my go to for a pop of pigmented color!”

Q: What is a career goal that you have for 2022?

“In 2022 I would love to work with a makeup brand between social media management and/or as an artist/tester.”

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

“My love of makeup stems from being able to play with gender going in between masculine, feminine and pure androgyny. This got me into my full time hobby of cosplay which allows me to completely transform, and transformative makeup has always been my favorite form.”

Kay will be created a series of looks that were featured on our Ultimate Face social pages.. Here’s what Kay had to say about the looks…

“Transformative or Character Makeup is a favorite of mine as it has the most range between products, special effects, and color theory . Using contrasting colors and shades is imperative in these creations, as well as figuring out which textures to use. I use the Global Skin Tone Foundation Palette from Ultimate Face to create my contrasting creme textures. It’s easy to either blend out or to keep opaque creating a more 3D effect.”

We can’t wait to watch Kay’s journey! Stay tuned for next month’s featured Influencer!