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Meet #TEMPLEFREDERICK fab five. From left to right they are: Karleigh, Jess, Hunter, Ally and Erin.

Parts of this friendship started before coming to cosmetology school but the life long bond started at The Temple. Hunter and Karleigh have known each other since kindergarten, Hunter also worked with Ally at Pizza Hut, Karleigh and Ally have been friends for three years then they met Erin and Jess when they started school.

Karleigh persuaded Ally to come to cosmetology school. Then on the first day, Hunter saw Karleigh and Ally sitting in Core with him! What they all like about being Temple Future Professionals is building on their friendship because there’s just something about being up to your elbows in color, cholesterol, and working through theory classes together that strengthens any bond. Karleigh added that she also likes the freedom to be creative.

What they like the least is having very little free time between school and work.

Advice they all would share collectively to people with a passion for the beauty industry but ready to start school is:

  • “Just do it, I came by myself, I didn’t know anyone and I made friends. It’s scary and I’m super shy but it’s worth it.” – Erin
  • “If you’re passionate about it, remember it and why you wanted to start in the first place. – Karleigh
  • “People give a lot of hairdressers crap for doing it because they think they don’t make money but. It’s not true.” – Erin

So far as their ‘weird’ talents go, they all agreed that Erin is really fast and can jump very high. (when you see Erin, ask her to run, jump, and tap, her heels together – it’s impressive!)

They also agreed that Jess and Ally are talented at easily leaving eyebrow prints on arms.

The fab five suggests that someone should come to The Temple because the education they have received is far more than just preparing for the state board exams; they’ve gotten to learn so many other subjects and they’ve been able to meet/network a variety of beauty industry super stars.

Practical advice they all shared (boldly) for Future Professionals just starting their journey at The Temple:

  • Don’t miss hours, come to school everyday, listen in theory, don’t be disrespectful to the Learning Leaders, stay on top of your worksheets, AND remember you didn’t make the investment to come to school to slack off!

Oh! And did you ask about their favorite Learning Leaders?! Rickki, Liz, and LeeAnn!

We are so happy this group found their passion and expanded their friendship at Temple Frederick.

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Frederick Shows Generational Workforce Patterns

Recently, our Temple Frederick School owners, Charles and Sharon Riser, were featured in the Frederick News Post in an article explaining the new kids on the block entering the workforce – Generation Z (Gen Z).

“We’re really curious to see where Gen Z is when they’re in their 30s,” he said. “As a boss, the first thing you look at when someone has a resume is ‘Oh, my God, they’ve had 10 jobs in 10 years,’ and you’re like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?’” Bosses have to start rethinking that mindset, though, because changing jobs frequently is the new normal for the younger workforce.”It doesn’t make them bad employees,” Riser said. “They’re not getting fired. They’re simply choosing to figure out where they want to go.” To stay at their job, younger employees want more communication and feedback from their superiors. They also want a leader instead of a boss.”They want to be guided,” Riser said. “They’ll follow you, but they have to believe in you.”

Read the full article by following the this link. also featured on U.S. News & World Report

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Future Professional Friday

This is Holly (@hollysammynoelle) and here’s what you should know:

She was drawn to the beauty industry because ever since she can remember, she’s been playing with hair tools and hair things since she was little with her aunt and her sister.

When Holly moved from New Mexico to Maryland, this gave her the perfect opportunity to be a Temple Frederick Future Professional.

One of her biggest challenges was finding confidence to push through and keep getting better. Being able to #justkeepswimming, gave her the reward of learning to be creative and learning to be confident in her skills.

Outside of all things beauty, Holly is an avid DIY-er with an abundance of craft supplies! She said she’s always teaching herself new skills.

She recommends coming to #TEMPLEFREDERICK for cosmetology school because of the guest artists, networking opportunities, and literally being able to boost people’s confidence every day.

Her advice:

To people passionate about the beauty industry but a little afraid to make the jump into school: JUST GO FOR IT!

To her other Future Professional peers: life hits, but if you keep going, you’ll make it. Be kind to everyone; if you spread kindness you’ll get it returned to you.

Eventually, she hopes to combine her skills as a CNA and cosmetologist to create a mobile salon to give cosmetology services to those who can’t get out of the house.

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Future Professional Friday

This is Carlos (@carlosmairena_)! He is a Phase 2 Temple Frederick Future Professional. Here’s what you should know about him:

  • He initially wanted to go to school for art but when he began to nurture his interest in the beauty industry, he started to consider cosmetology school
  • Being a cosmetologist you could say is kind of in his genes — his aunt is also a licensed cosmetologist and a Temple Frederick graduate
  • Carlos is currently a full time Future Professional AND working at Alter Ego Salon in Frederick so he says it’s challenging to make time for friends that aren’t at school or in the salon.
  • Carlos says the most rewarding part about being a Future Professional at Temple Frederick is meeting new people and building relationships, especially with Learning Leaders (Ahem … Colby)
  • Because he loves painting (watercolor specifically) he loves creating blondes by hand painting
  • Fun Fact: Carlos’ interest in makeup started just a year ago! For him, doing make up is a stress reliever.
  • His friends say he is extremely picky about his hair. So much so that he won’t let them style or blow dry it. But they also say he’s always so loving and affectionate.

Advice that he shares with someone thinking about attending cosmetology school:

You just have to do it, there’s nothing to lose; everyone has a place here.

Advice for his fellow Future Professionals:

Don’t miss out on opportunities that are given to you.

And just general life advice Carlos shares:

Be yourself people are either going to accept it or not.

Eventually, Carlos wants to own a salon to blonde everyone in Boca.

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SHIP Check Presentation

The Temple is a proud contributor to Student Homeless Initiative Partnership of Frederick County (SHIP). SHIP is an organization servicing the local community of homeless students in the Frederick County School System. In 2014, SHIP organizers recognized an opportunity to provide basic needs to students after the discovery of a 12 year old middle school boy, living without parents, was approaching winter weather with broken down flip flops. This discovery just scratched the surface — organizers soon realized that he was just one of over 600 children within the Fredrick County Public School system experiencing homelessness.

As a Paul Mitchell Partner School (and just having a genuine spirit of giving), we know that giving back to the community is our rent for occupying earth. This past FUNraising season not only brought an infectious buzz of excitement to The Temple, but it also brought some funds to SHIP. This summer, Temple Frederick had the distinct pleasure of presenting a check to Ed Hinde, SHIP Executive Director, on behalf of our Future Professionals, Team and owners to benefit SHIP. Year after year, Temple Frederick participates in the national Paul Mitchell Schools network FUNraising campaign always making sure that we also give locally.

This year, we raised money by hosting our annual ballon drop, advanced education classes, spirit week, raffles and casual dress days. With these seemingly small events, we raised over, $800 to donate to SHIP.

We are so grateful for our Temple Frederick Team Members, guests and especially our Future Professionals for contributing to our global and local community.