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The Temple Frederick, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, is included in over 20 Paul Mitchell Schools to wash and style wigs for EBeauty, an organization offering free wigs to cancer patients. Past cancer patients have donated their wigs to EBeauty, Future Professionals at Temple Frederick washed and styled wigs, then wigs are delivered to participating hospital partners for patients to select a wig of their choice. With Ebeauty hospital partners close to each Temple campus, school owners, Charles and Sharon Riser, will personally deliver wigs each month.

EBeauty founder Carolyn Keller, a cancer survivor, started the wig exchange program to allow other women with cancer diagnoses to still feel inspired and hold on to a sense of empowerment. Keller’s kindness has shared wigs with almost 30,000 women across the United States. Keller shares, “the primary goal of EBeauty is to provide all women, regardless of economic status or geographic location access to wigs.”

Paul Mitchell Schools offer robust educational opportunities to create excellent licensed cosmetologists while also creating responsible community leaders. In 2018, EBeauty partnered with Paul Mitchell Schools allowing campuses across the country to volunteer to share a piece of confidence with someone quite literally in the fight of their life. Temple Frederick immediately jumped on board with a dual purpose: serving the community and sharing wig maintenance education with all enrolled Temple Future Professionals. At the end of the lesson, each Future Professional wrote “love notes” to accompany each wig; one reading, “Soon when all is well, you’re going to look back on this period of your life and be so glad you never gave up.”

Always an example of kindness and an advocate of giving back co-owner, Sharon, shares, “We are excited to work with EBeauty because it allows our Future Professionals to apply what they’re learning at school while simultaneously making a difference in the lives of those facing the traumatic diagnoses of cancer.”


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The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School Supports Flowers Over Frederick

The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School is once again excited to be a part of Flowers over Frederick in Downtown Frederick, MD. Launched in 2008, Flowers over Frederick aims to beautify the downtown Frederick community.

The hanging baskets are featured in the summer and during the holiday seasons in 72 locations around the downtown area.


“Our school, along with our student body, have always been strong supporters of the community.  As a school that seeks to teach and create beauty, Flowers Over Frederick is a natural way for us to spread that love to the community that has always supported us,” said Sharon Riser, co -owner.

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Interested In Professional Makeup Artistry? Presenting Makeup At The Temple!


Passionate about makeup? Interested in expanded your skill set? Makeup At The Temple is the answer!

In her role as a Learning Leader at The Temple, Alice Ness is also the resident expert of the advanced make-up artistry or MAT (Makeup At The Temple) program. As a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist herself for commercial, editorial, portrait and fashion clients, Ness says this program is designed for anyone wanting to become a professional make up artist.

“I think it’s an absolute fantastic opportunity because it gives them the education needed to be in the industry,” Ness said. “It really is designed to give them skills that make them more marketable.’’

The MAT program, is broken up into six classes or 96 hours of learning and includes everything needed to be certified in all aspects of make up application and technique.

The classes can be taken individually or as a series, and include: Fashion Pro, Bridal Pro, Editorial Pro, Studio Pro, Camouflage pro, and On-set pro.

“If you get certified in all six, it makes you much more marketable. And your earning potential, for example, in the bridal world (1-2 weddings) during peak time (Summer) could be $400-1000 in a weekend,” added Ness, who is a 2009 Temple graduate.


Most recently, Temple graduate Marti Blattenberger, certified through the MAT program and has been invited to be a National Educator for Ultimate Face.

MAT is not only available to Temple students, but anyone in the cosmetology industry. For more information please visit the MAT website and Facebook page.

2016 class information can be found by downloading the flyer here.

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Keratin Complex: An Advanced Skill Set for All Future Professionals


By Katie Miller, Clinic Floor Manager

At The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School, our priority is to provide the most up to date education available to our Future Professionals. A few years ago, we saw an opportunity to further expand their skills by bringing Keratin Complex services onto our clinic floor.

Keratin Complex is a smoothing treatment that does wonders for all hair types by making curly hair less frizzy, coarse hair more manageable, and even damaged hair feel and look better! This service is not only terrific for the client that receives it, but also for the professional providing it.

On average, most salons charge anywhere between $300-$600 to perform this service (length and density can increase the cost). So, there are a lot of obvious financial benefits to providing this service as a licensed professional.

As an educator for Keratin Complex, I am personally able to give this certification to our Future Professionals as part of their education at The Temple. In other schools, you would be required to pay to go and get certified in this yourself or have your salon owner have someone come and certify you. At our school, we take care of training and certifying our Future Professionals so once they leave our doors and interview at salons, they would have the upper hand compared to any one else applying for that job.


All Future Professionals that attend our program will have the opportunity to receive a Keratin Complex certification. Our Phase 2 students, however, will be the only ones performing this service as it is an advanced skill set. It is our way of ensuring the quality of this service each time it is administered.

I am personally very pleased that our owners, Charles & Sharon Riser, empowered me to bring on this service to our clinic floor and our Future Professionals. There is no doubt that this certification provides added value to the education that we are providing. Not only do our Future Professionals get this amazing service to add to their bag of tricks, but they are also leave our doors with a leg up on the competition.

One reason I work in education is to help raise the bar of expectations for the cosmetology industry.  I know that with this service we most certainly are doing that for our future stylists.

About Katie: During her time at the Temple Katie has worn many different hats. From Service Desk Team Leader, Take Home Team Leader, Texture Specialist and finally, Clinic Floor Manager. (Which, she admits, is one of her favorites.) As Clinic Floor Manager she has the opportunity to work one on one with the Future Professionals in a “practice salon” environment where she works on their skills, sales, dialogues with guests and helps mold them into the fabulous stylists that we all know that they can be.

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Celebrity Grooming Expert Diana Schmidtke Visits The Temple


On Thursday, October 1, 2015, Future Professionals at The Temple welcomed Diana Schmidtke, internationally renowned celebrity men’s grooming expert. Schmidtke’s clientele includes the likes of George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, John Travolta, Liam Hemsworth, and many more.

During her time on campus, she talked with Future Professionals about the state of the industry emphasizing the need for a strong work ethic, realistic goal setting and patience. She also spoke on the importance of remaining humble throughout your career journey.

Kendall Thomas, a Frederick Future Professional, stated, “Diana was very relatable and  was amazing to listen to! It is refreshing to hear that a celebrity groomer went through many trials and tribulations before she became successful.”